The Project

SGM is a game server and voice control panel essentially constructed in order to create the fastest and easy to use game panel ever, either for users or administrators.

It suits both communities and hosting companies thanks to our plans which intend to be the best offer on price and quality. SGM will turn a community or a hosting company server into a fully fledged, easy to use and manage hosting server.

Why is it so simple to use ?

Stop wasting time with configurations and resources, hosting a game panel web interface and respective database. We will host SGM for you for FREE on a top notch private cloud system. It takes less than 2 minutes since you confirm your order until you start using SGM.

After the installation is complete you can start adding your remote servers right away, and guess what...
We have made a totally automatic installer for your remote servers. All you have to do is insert the server IP address and root password and SGM will detect which operating system is running and install all the necessary apps to run SGM.

Auto installer as well for teamspeak, simply click on "install" and SGM will do the hard work for you downloading de server files and setting it up.

Installing games on the respectives remote servers is always a headache right? Once more we thought about you so we built a repository with all the games that come pre-configured with SGM and are free at the same time. All you have to do is click on a button in order to install games in your remote servers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg compared to all the features that Speed-gm offers. Other good features that speed-gm includes are remote server system monitoring (hard disks, Cpu, Ram, network), Web file manager, automated map and addons installations, web form and text configuration files, Fastdownloads, Player stats, backups, support ticket system, Email templates, lots of games pre-configured, user friendly interface with lots of ajax, responsive design and much more.

SGM already powers many game and voice hosting companies organizations and communities that want to host games or provide game hosting services. SGM makes it really simple to offer a simple and easy way to automate hosting whether game or voice servers.

The Team

The Speed-Gm team ts composed by two members who love web programming. Our main objective in everything we do, is satisfying our clients. We work everyday in order to improve every SGM feature as well as to create new features.