Whmcs module

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The whmcs module allows a direct connection between the Speed-GM API and the whmcs panel so that you are able to make a delivery of game servers to your customers automatically.

How configure Whmcs module

1. Configure SGM to receive commands from whmcs.

  • On SGM navigate to Settings -> API


- Create a random token. eg: ABCDEFG123456789ZXCVBN
- Add the IP's of the host server that will call the API (your whmcs IP address)

2. Download the Whmcs Module

3. Upload the module into your whmcs folder /modules/servers/

4. In whmcs products change the module name to speedgm.

4.1 Create the fields that you need for your servers

4.2 Create configurable options such as slots, company tag, fastdownloads, etc


Using the example of slots where we have a selection box, however you can use an amount field, depending on how you want to submit your form to purchase.


In fields such as company tag, private server, fastdownloads you have to use a Yes/No box choice

5. Configure the module so that it calls the parameters that you set previously


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