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SGM provides a wizard to install teamspeak 3 automatically on your remote server. This feature is ideal if you don't want to waste time installing teamspeak manually or if you simply don't have enough linux acknowledge.

How Install Teamspeak

  • On SGM navigate to System -> boxes -> Actions -> Voice

Next press Install.

Close the window and wait five minutes.

Note that the files we provide include the default settings for Authorized TeamSpeak Hosting Providers (ATHP).
Due to this some settings will only be available to modify through SGM Panel. (Eg: Server name, Welcome message, Password, etc).

If you do not want to use these default settings or use your own, you should do the manual installation.


Start teamspeak server by pressing Start.

The serveradmin displayed is what you should use for managing your server via telnet.


Upload License

If you have a teamspeak3 license key you can upload the same directly to the server using the upload option.


SGM also provides TSDNS support. To setup tsdns click this link.

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