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The vast majority of games allows players to download maps and other files from a remote HTTP server. To support this feature we have developed a fastdownloads system extremely easy to set up.

Set up fastdownloads

  • On SGM navigate to Boxes -> New Box. Choose FastDownloads type.


After this we must configure the Fastdownloads box.


Insert your FTP server detailts in the next form.


Option Explanation
Name A reference name for this remote box.
FTP Host The IP address or domain to connect to the FTP server.
Datacenter The datacenter where FTP server is located.
Operating System Choose the operating system of the FTP server.
Domain The domain to use in the URL for the downloads from the HTTP server.
FTP user The user to authenticate to the FTP server.
FTP Password The password to authenticate to the FTP server.
Host directory The directory in which the files will be uploaded, from the ftp root directory.
Enabled If this fastdownloads remote box is active.


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