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The tsdns service that teamspeak 3 offers is very useful for everyone, however rarely used contrary to what it should be.


The interest of this service is that instead of connecting to the server with or, which is not the best idea, the connection is always made ​​by

This way either IP address or the server port can be changed without any of the users lose access to the server.


How setup TSDNS

To activate tsdns with a domain of your company, assuming you have the subdomain, you must create a record of type A on your DNS records, pointing to the IP address of the remote box.

  • On SGM navigate to System -> Boxes -> Actions -> Voice -> Manage

On the field Domain insert your domain and Save. In this example we will use .

The user on the page to manage his server will have the option to configure the remaining subdomain, in which this case we will use

This way whenever the server administrator for some reason changes the IP address or the server port, if the user connects through the correct server will respond.


User own Domain

Alternatively, users who intend to use their own domain may have for example, as long as the subdomain has a dns record of type A pointing to the server IP address.

The port will be resolved by tsdns without being required the teamspeak server to be installed on the default port 9987.


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