Config Files

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The configuration files are templates for the game servers configuration files. These files will contain cvars such as hostname, rcon password, etc.


Available vars to use with configs

Option Explanation
%IP% IP address that will be used in the game server
%Slots% Max players allowed on the game server. This value is defined in the new server form.
%tag% Branded text that is defined in the game settings.
%hostname% Name of the server. This value is defined in the new server form.
%rconpassword% User rcon password. This value is defined in the new server form.
%privatepassword% User private password to join server. This value is defined in the new server form.
%Port% Port 1 value. This value is defined in the game settings.
%Port2% Port 2 value.
%Port3% Port 3 value.
%Port4% Port 4 value.
%Port5% Port 5 value.
%Port6% Port 6 value.
%urlfastdownload% URL to download files from HTTP server (fastdownloads).


For such files SGM offers two options:

  • Plain text files
  • Form files.


Plain Text files as the name implies has a text editor where you edit the configuration as in any text editor by typing commands and values​​. This option is more susceptible to errors especially to less experienced users.


Form files, the administrator defines all the commands that the user will be able to change.and so the user must adjust the values ​​to your will.


Plain text template

In order to create a plain text config templates, simply follow the next steps.

  • On SGM navigate to System -> Supported Games and press Configs in the desired game. In the next page press New File.


Add the desired content to the file.


Form file template

In order to create a Form config template in the New file form, select the Type Form.

Due to the large amount of data that is sometimes necessary to use in these configuration files you can create and organize the commands into categories. In this example we will create two categories.

Edit the recent created file and press New Caregory.

Assign the name you want, in this example we will use Base.

Once created the desired categories we now create the commands inside these categories.

There are four types of commands that you can create and which we will explain.

  • Text Command
  • On/Off Command
  • Select list Command
  • Numeric Command


Text command

This type of command is most useful for commands with values ​​of type string, like the hostname or rcon password.


On/Off command

This type of command is ideal for ommands that accept only the values of 0 or 1. This one will be shown to the user as a switch (checkbox).


Select list command

This type of command is usefull when you want the user to choose a value from a pre-defined list.


Numeric command

This command type is very similar to the Text command except that it will only accept numbers.


The result of a configuration file created with the Form type will be something like this.


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