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The addon installer module allows the user to install addons pre configured by the administrator on the game server.

For simplicity we decided to give the admin the ability to organize the addons into categories. To add a new addon you must first add at least one category.

Add new Addon

Option Explanation
Category The category in which the addon will be on.
Addon Name The name of the addon (The name shown to the user)
Repository filename The name of the compressed file on the repo. Accepts .zip, .rar and .tar.gz
Destination The destination folder in which the compressed file will be uncompressed.
Enabled Whether or not the addon will be available for the user to install
Dependent of If the addon is dependent of another one, the specified addon will be installed before.
Eg: sourcemod is dependent of metamod.
Source URL Insert an URL if you want to inform the user about the addon source.
Instructions Any instructions to install the addon if necessary.
Description A description about the addon

Addons Actions

After installing the addon we can write something into a text file on the game server to make the addon load, or any other desired function.

To write any content into a file press the Action button on the desired addon.

Now simply specify the content and the file you want to write the content on.


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