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The map installer module allows users to install the game servers maps or map packs, just with a single click.


For simplicity we decided to give the admin the ability to organize the maps into categories. This way it's possible for the user to install an entire category at once (map pack) or a single map.

Eg: The Aim category has 20 maps. The user can choose to install the 20 maps at once, or install only one of the maps.

Add new map

Knowing that the maps sometimes have more files than the actual map file (sound files, textures files, etc) you must create a compressed file (.zip or .rar) wth the same folder structure of the game.

# Eg: CS:GO Server

      Folder /csgo/maps
            File aim_map.bsp

Now create the zip or rar file of the Folder /csgo.

Finally In your remote box the .zip or .rar file containing the map, must be placed in /home/SGM/maps/game_abbreviation/

In this example with CSGO the it would be at /home/SGM/maps/csgo/

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